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Interesting facts about our Christmas displays:

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I put about 1700 lights on the fence, and Forrest put up the rest of the 8000 lights. Forrest outlined the church in colors and the parsonage in clear lights. Swag-style lights went across the entire front of the church, and there was a star at the peak of the church. This year I used styrofoam cups to create a phrase down the fence, and it turned out really well. We also put a star on top of an old electric pole at the bottom of the hill. Forrest, Cathy, Mike, Jerilyn, and others all pitched in to cut out and paint plywood figures meant to represent the life of Christ. This was the display with the most meaning we have ever done.


Ian and I put up over 7500 lights. We did the usual outline of the church, this time in color. We used those new swag-style lights on the peak of the sanctuary. On the front of the church we put randomly scattered snowflakes. We put a Bible verse on the fence, which took more time than anything else. Down the south side of the driveway, we had a nativity set and a small forest of green light trees. By the road, we had our "Merry Christmas" sign up with a star at each end of the sign.


We had over 8,000 lights up and running on timers. Unfortunately, I was away at college and couldn't expand much more, but I got all of the lights up and running in time for the lighting. The fence was done in a criss-cross pattern of colored colored lights, while the parsonage, church, and outhouses were in clear lights. We made about five light trees and placed them along the side of the driveway and beside the road. We also used the Merry Christmas and Welcome signs next to the road. I also decorated a few trees and bushes and a shed. As a final touch, a snowflake hung from a tree above the driveway.


1998 is the biggest expansion that I have done with the display. I knew it was my last year before college and I wanted to do my best. We took the green lights from the previous year and made some green "light trees," which I put up one side of the driveway. We took the blue lights and made some homemade signs that read "WELCOME TO SPRING GROVE" and "MERRY CHRISTMAS." The christmas sign we put down by the road, and the welcome sign was put halfway up the driveway. I spent a lot of time making a homemade christmas train along the fence. The train had a one engine and forty-something cars. It turned out being more trouble than it was worth, but it was pretty to look at.


This year we bought a lot of green and blue lights. The blue lights were used to decorate the parsonage. The green lights were used to make a big christmas tree that was placed on the front of the church. There were over 5,000 lights in the Spring Grove display this year. The fence was totally decorated with a zig-zag pattern of lights down to the road. This year we also added a nativity set, which helps bring out the real meaning of Christmas (not gifts, Santa Claus, money, economy, or anything else; it's JESUS!). I also stopped using a staple gun to put up lights. I put up clips instead, which has really saved me a lot of time.


This year, we decided that the fence should be decorated. So, we took the lights that we usually put on the parsonage and ran them down the fence. We got a little past 75% to the road before we ran out of lights and money. We did manage to run an extension cord to the end of the driveway and put up lights on the church's sign, though. The bulb total: about 3,300 lights.


The first year that I (Nathan James) was involved with the Christmas light display for Spring Grove. Forrest Brandt had previously outlined the church and parsonage with lights, and I helped him this year doing it. I fell in love with it. There were about 2,500 lights put up around the Spring Grove property. We also put lights on the outhouses.

Christmas Lights - 1998

Spring Grove's 1998 light display, viewed from the cemetery.
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Christmas Lights 1997

Christmas Lights - 1997

The church, viewed from the parsonage roof,1997

People talking in front of the church, 1997

The driveway, viewed from the parsonage roof, 1997

The church in 1997, viewed from the parsonage

The parsonage in 1997
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Christmas Lights 1996

Christmas Lights - 1996

The church in 1996, viewed from the front

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